Building an API

I never intended to build an API for this site, but as it turns out, I need some API’s to do things easier. In doing so, I have learned that making an API for WordPress is an extremely easy thing to do.

In creating the art submission form, I wanted to make it easy to select an artist. So it queries the artist’s in the DB to see if anything matches. Super easy, super simple.

I hope to include more API’s and allow others to use my API’s in the future. But nothing to report now as we are still in alpha.

Oh and of course this site is updated to WordPress 3.3.

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Comment Spam

So it finally happened, I got some comment spam! I don’t have Akismet activated, and it finally happened. I wanted to see how long I could go without it. So I created a plugin to see what it will do about future comment spam.

You can download it and read more about it here.

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Registered User Spam

Wow, as I was talking about how I am going to try and not use Akismet, I look and see if anyone has registered on the site and wow yes, there has been a registration at least once a day. But they have all been spam bots!

I was reading about this post about adding an are you a bot check box. So I am going to try that and see what happens.

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Plugins Used on this Site

I have a love / hate relationship with WordPress plugins. I love how they can do exactly what I ask of them, but I Abhor how bloated they are. I have my favorite plugins of course, Google XML sitemaps, akismet and WordPress Stats. But I tend to stay away from plugins for the most part. I look inside plugins all of the time to see how they did things, but I rarely enable them.

So far the plugins I have installed are:
Google XML Sitemaps – added 04/25/2011 Stats – added 04/25/2011
Simple Comment Spam Stopper – added 05/08/2011

I will update this list as the site goes long. Everything else at the moment is just template editing. It is a child theme of twenty ten, some custom page templates and some custom post types. I am going to try my hardest and not use akismet, I doubt this site will get very many hits to where I will need it. But we will see.

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About this Site

I have updated the About section, which says:

So the story goes like this, I was unhappy with the current online Art Tracking systems. I just found them pretty complicated to use, not very intuitive. And I just found them not exactly what I wanted them to be. I have a pretty extensive collection of art and I want to keep track of it. I want to know if the version I have is signed, if it is framed, so many things. I also want to keep track of the art that I have loaned to my friends.

There is so many things that I want from this website, I just hope that you will find themĀ usefulĀ also.

Well I have a name for this site, I just haven’t purchased the domain yet. I don’t have that much time for this site at the moment, but I am trying. I have no idea what I am doing and really what the goal is. And this is my todo list.

I am going to what I am doing pretty open. If anyone finds this site and finds it interesting, more power to you.

Just found out that of course you can use meta for taxonomies!

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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